For most of us, the story of our life around fitness and healthy eating sounds the same. There are times we are on. And when we’re on, we’re ON, full speed ahead! Working out every day, following the latest diet trend to the letter, and feeling great about ourselves… until one day we hit a wall. You’re tired, and getting up at 5:00AM to hit the gym before work just doesn’t sound appealing. Top it off with the fact that you skipped prepping on Sunday to relax with the fam, so now you’re stuck ordering takeout when you get to work. One day turns into two. Two days turn into an entire week, and before you know it, you’ve gained all the weight back. Because when we’re off, we’re WAY off.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, most of us only receive information about how to lose weight or gain muscle as soon as possible. We aren’t taught to incorporate it as part of our overall lifestyle. But the fact of the matter is that the essential components of a healthy and fit lifestyle – exercise, healthy eating, and practices for psychological/emotional wellness – are also essential components for a healthy and happy life. And that looks different for each and every one of us.

Just like you have a vision for what would be an ideal and fulfilling career path, relationship life, spiritual community, place to live, etc., it is highly beneficial to know what your ideal fit life might look like. By knowing your ideal fitness lifestyle, you can begin to take small steps that help you put into place the routines and habits that will build something close to it.

Here are a few types that I have seen among my own students and clients:

The Fitness Ninja

Your ideal fitness life is all about training. Although it might not be possible right now, you dream of 2-3x a day physical activity: waking up first thing in the morning for a run, strength training during your lunch break, then finishing off the day with yoga. You frequently attend fitness workshops to increase your knowledge and incorporate new activities into your routine, and your “off” days include active recovery like walking, foam rolling, and stretching. Food, for you, is planned and executed to fuel your body for optimal energy. Sure, you want a slim physique, but that’s not the most important. What’s key is that working out makes you feel alive. If you haven’t already, you would LOVE to organize your life around that.

The Moderate Yogi

You may (or may not) dabble in other areas of fitness, but yoga is your activity of choice. You practice 3-5 days a week and sometimes even meditate to reduce stress and increase positive emotions. Although you’re not quite ready to adopt a completely vegan diet, you are conscious about where your food comes from (local; organic) and try to make choices that truly nourish your body – lots of leafy greens and low sugar fruit, along with fermented & probiotic items. For you, yoga isn’t just a workout, it’s an emotional/spiritual practice that helps you stay balanced both mentally and physically. It makes you a better person and enhances your relationships with others.

The Maintenance (Wo)Man

If you’re a Maintenance Woman or Man, you can’t think of anything less enjoyable than going to the gym. To this individual, exercising is not only inconvenient, it’s also quite painful. I mean, really, who ENJOYS the feeling of their muscles “burning”?? You only feel exhausted afterward. But you can’t deny that exercise, in the long run, helps you look and feel good. So you do it, grudgingly, but routinely. 3 days a week at the same time each day. And you watch what you eat to lose weight or maintain your figure, because as tasty as that pizza looks, once you’ve inhaled it, it doesn’t look good on you. 

The Fitness “Parishioner” or Socialite

The “parishioner” is a practicing member of the church of fitness. Not only does going to the gym make them feel healthier and happier, it also connects them to like-minded others, who share the same love of physical activity. If this is you, although you attempt to eat healthy and often try out new diets and cleanses, your main focus is not nutrition. Rather, it’s attending workouts. But not just any workouts. You exercise with your favorite instructors/trainers in formats that make you feel like you’re killin the game! Whether it’s a bootcamp, U-Jam Fitness, pole dancing, yoga, or some combination, you go to socialize just as much as you do to burn calories. You are a lover of everything health and fitness, so you enjoy learning about it and sharing what you know with others. #Fitness4Life!

Do any of these sound like you? What’s YOUR ideal fitness lifestyle? Leave a comment below with your ideal type and why you think this is the one for you! Don’t overthink. Instead, have fun with it! Let your inner fitness spirit shine 😉



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