Are you new to the fitness profession? Or perhaps you want to teach at a new studio? Before you commit, you must do your homework. When you apply for a new job, potential employers do everything they can to make sure you’re a good fit for their company. You should do the same. Read on for a list of steps you should take before signing a new contract.

1. Do Your research.

You can find information about most companies by doing a quick Google search. Type in the name of the organization and browse:

  • The website.
  • Review sites like Yelp or Foursquare.
  • Employee blogs & social posts, if available.

Get to know their mission statement, the types of clients they serve, and how they treat their employees. This is a great way to see if you like their business model and if you could see yourself in the community. You can also drop by the studio. Check out the space, attend a free class, and chat with their employees. That way, you get to feel for what it’s like to be there.

2. Know their Values & Yours

Any company you work for should share your most important values. Is keeping a positive attitude important to you? How about proper form and technique? Faith and spirituality? If the answer is yes, make sure studio policies and preferred teaching styles reflect that. For example, if you recommend reverse dieting to clients while company nutritionists recommend restricting portions, you may create problems for management. Clashing values often result in conflict. Know your values, so you can find a place whose values align.

3. Know The Responsibilities Of The Position.

At some studios, instructors show up a few minutes before class and leave right at the end. Others require you to be there 10-15 minutes in advance to greet students. You may have to unlock the studio in the morning, close up at night, attend to cleaning duties, or complete administrative tasks. Common tasks include making phone calls, sending emails, completing client intake forms and performing measurements. Do you need to find your own students and clients or will the studio recruit for you?

These are things to consider. Find out ahead of time what is expected so you don’t bump heads with management later on. 

4. ask about the pay structure

 Some studios vary their rates for a number of reasons. Possible reasons include:

  • The number of attendees.
  • The length of the class.
  • Personal training versus group.
  • Administrative work.

You wouldn’t be happy if you taught a 2 person class for an entire month only to find out you received 25% of the expected pay. There may also be tasks you won’t get paid for, like following up with personal training clients or booking sessions. Make sure you know before you sign your contract, so you can decide the best use of your time.

5. calculate your commute time.

This is one area that beginning fitness professionals often don’t consider. If you plan to work for multiple studios, optimize your commute. Otherwise, you may spend precious time on the road. Here’s an example. Imagine that you work mainly for one fitness center, but you teach one 60 minute class per week at another. If you drive 20 minutes to the second location, then drive back after class, that’s 40 minutes of commute time. Assuming you have to be present 10 minutes before class, that’s nearly 2 hours spent on one session. Is your hourly wage worth it? In most cases, the answer is no

The other thing to consider is punctuality. If you teach back to back sessions at different locations, you should have a buffer to allow for traffic or other situations that may hold you up. Always estimate the commute time from your home to each studio, as well as the potential commute between studios.

Now that you’ve reviewed the steps you need to take before committing to a fitness studio, start applying them in your job search today.

Good luck!





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Are you hoping to lose weight, get stronger, or feel healthier and more energized? New to the world of diet and exercise and don’t know how to get started? Well, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gym-goer looking to jump back into the fitness lifestyle, we’ve put together this quick and simple beginner’s guide to get you on track to a healthier, happier you!

Step 1: Get Active

Add physical activity to your daily routine. Keep it simple. Start by going for a 10-15 minute walk after lunch or between chores.  Do this 3-5 times a week. Not only can you burn up to 100 calories with this simple step, but you’re also giving yourself the benefits of increased flexibility, increased blood circulation, improved mood, and, over time, as the length of your walk increases, potential decreases in blood pressure.

Once you become consistent with your walking routine, feel free to explore other options, such as:

  • Increasing your time to 30 or 45 minutes – the longer you walk, the stronger the benefits. Build your time slowly, so that you don’t get burned out in the first few weeks. The goal is to stay consistent.
  • Adding a light jog once or twice a week – increasing the pace will not only increase your calorie burn, but also strengthen your cardiovascular system, which allows you to breathe easier and feel less stressed overall.
  • Attending a class at your local gym or yoga studio – add little variety to your routine by trying out a group class or signing up for a trial training session at a nearby fitness center. It’s one thing to work out on your own, but having the support of professionals and fellow participants can both help keep you accountable and enhance your results.

Step 2: Begin Eating Nutritious Food

When we’re looking to get healthier and/or lose weight, our tendency is to put food items into 2 categories: 1) BAD food – the things you avoid because they make you fat, and 2) GOOD food – the ones that usually taste horrible, but you eat them because you want to lose weight. This is NOT helpful to your fitness goals, because it creates restriction. Instead, think about EXPANDING your options. Here’s how:

  • Find 2-3 types of fruits and green veggies that you enjoy. A few of my favorite fruits are strawerries, blueberries, and fresh figs! Veggies that I tend to run to: belgian endives, broccolini, and persian cucumbers (gotta love dippables!).
  • Swap your usual snack with the fruit. It’s just like they say, fruit is nature’s candy. Take advantage of these sweet and nutritious treats because they tend to pack a ton of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.
  • Dedicate 1/2 of your dinner plate or lunch to veggies. Beside the fact that green veggies are packed with nutrients, just like fruit, they are also lower in calories than their starchy carb alternatives (bread, rice, pasta, etc.). That means that you can eat MORE of them and still slim down.

Step 3: Get Social

It is my FIRM belief that in order to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, you MUST expose yourself to inspiration, motivation, and tips for healthy living on a daily basis.

The highly regarded motivational speaker and businessman Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” In this digital age, his words can be applied to the modes of communication and connection we use on a daily basis: social media. For many of us, the first messages we see in the morning come in the form of emails, memes, videos, tweets, texts and other pop-up notifications on our phones. The information we immerse ourselves in affects what we think about each day and how we behave. Just like you control your food intake, control your information intake:

  • Join Online Fitness Communities – The most popular ones out there right now are on Facebook Groups. When you join a group, you receive notifications whenever they post or have live chats! Plus, you get the benefit of receiving support from all the other members involved 🙂
  • Follow Fitness Figures On Social Media. There’s nothing like opening your feed and seeing inspirational photos and quotes that get you motivated to hit your own health and fitness goals! Instagram is my favorite place to find these, with Facebook as a very close second! If you’re down with quick quotes, try Twitter!
  • Subscribe To Health & Fitness Blogs & Email Lists. There is so much information out there. If you find a fitness personality or health and wellness expert that you enjoy, why have their latest blogs, instructional videos, and announcements delivered directly to your inbox? Signing up for a list eliminates the step of you having to go to their website to search for new information. You know what they say, what’s at the top of your inbox is at the top of your mind! Or something like that… 😉

It’s as simple as that! Follow this 3 Step Process and you’ll be on your way to building a healthy and fit lifestyle in no time!


Mwuah! 😉 Nadia

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